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Search Tips:

  • To retrieve the most results, begin your search using a single keyword. Each time you add more terms, you retrieve fewer results.
  • When you use more than one keyword, the database will automatically add an AND between the words. Example: photographs band finds any records that have both the words photographs AND band somewhere in the record.
  • If you type words in quotation marks, the database recognizes them as a phrase. Example: “Pennsylvania Military Academy” will bring up only those records that include this exact phrase.
  • To search by subject, select a subject from the drop-down box. If you use both a keyword and a subject, you will retrieve fewer results.
  • When you search by title, your search word will come only from the title of the box rather than from the box's description. This is a more focused search. If it doesn't produce any results, you will have to search via keyword or subject.
  • Use an * to find multiple word endings. Example: athlet* will find occurrences of athletic, athletics, athlete and athletes.
  • Use the word OR between words to retrieve records that contain at least one of the words. Example: Kirkbride OR Kapelski will find any records with either the word Kirkbride or the word Kapelski.




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