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Alumni Scrapbook One. Dates: 1931-1939.
Pennsylvania Military College
Box 335
Alumni Scrapbooks
Pennsylvania Military College
Box 335
Scope and Content
Boxes 335, 335.1 and 335.2 contain three scrapbooks. The following are descriptions of each scrapbook. Scrapbook 1 is in Box 335, Scrapbook 2 is in Box 335.1 and Scrapbook 3 is in Box 335.2. Author: Alumni Association Date Scrapbook 1: 1931-1939 Date Scrapbook 2: 1925-1933 Date Scrapbook 3: 1895-1924 Condition:
Binding- both attached and loose pages
Paper- intact with frayed edges
Materials- mostly attached, a few are loose Size of Scrapbooks 1, 2, and 3: 18 inches x 12 inches Number of Pages Scrapbook 1: 37 Number of Pages Scrapbook 2: 54 Number of Pages Scrapbook 3: 42 Contents Scrapbook 1:
Cover- PMC Alumni Association emblem
Pg 1- letter from Connie Mack, manager of the American Baseball Club of Philadelphia, to Robert Tumbelston (secretary- treasurer of PMC Alumni Association), June 9, 1936
Pg 2- letter from U.S. Army Major General Leon Kromer, Chief of Cavalry, to Robert Tumbelston, June 30, 1936
Pg 3- telegraph from Havana, Cuba to PMC Alumni Association President, June 9, 1936; change of address notice from Col. Charles F.B. Price
Pg 4- newspaper clippings about J. Edgar Hoover at PMC to receive honorary Doctor of Laws at commencement
Pg 5- newspaper clippings about death of John Clifford Jones, PMC graduate who received Distinguished Service Medal in World War I; newspaper photo of PMC graduating class of 1934; unattached photo- unidentified woman with Frank Hyatt (?)
Pg 6- letter from James A.G. Campbell Jr., president of the Alumni Association, to members concerning need for financial contributions to PMC, May 3, 1935
Pg 7- program from 1935 commencement week exercises; flyer for ceremony to be held June 10, 1935; newspaper clipping about commencement
Pg 8- letter from Guy Swope, budget secretary for Pennsylvania governor, concerning a possible bill making appropriations to PMC
Pg 9- signed letter from J. Edgar Hoover to Robert Tumbelston, June 15, 1936
Pg 10- letter sent by C.L. Connor to PMC alumni, family and friends about tickets to football games to be held in Atlantic City, October 15, 1936
Pg 11- official program to PMC vs. Franklin and Marshall football games, October 24, 1936
Pg 12- letter from President Frank Hyatt to alumni concerning financial and other difficulties facing the school, December 13, 1935
Pg 13- graduation program for Pennsylvania Military Preparatory School, 1937; newspaper clippings about PMC football game vs. Ursinus; PMC grads Marine Col. Charles Price (class of 1902) and Lt, Herbert Amey (class of 1935) stationed in Shanghai, China
Pg 14- photograph of unknown date, place, people, but appears to be Frank Hyatt and alumni at broom parade (?)
Pg 15- newspaper clipping about Miss America 1924 Ruth Malcomsen marrying Lt. Carl Schaubel, PMC polo coach, 1931
Pg 16- Baccalaureate service program, June 6, 1937; newspaper clipping about 1937 rifle match season
Pg 17- photographs of PMC cadets parading through Chester streets, unknown date
Pg 18- photograph of unknown man with PMC cadets, unknown date
Pg 19- photographs at PMC commencement, Frank Hyatt and others, unknown date
Pg 20- photographs of cadet parade, alumni (?) with brooms, dates unknown
Pg 21- newspaper clippings about annual Military and Athletic Day at PMC; graduation at Pennsylvania Military Preparatory School; pilot Dick Merrill receives honorary Doctor of Aeronautics at 1937 PMC commencement
Pg 22- photographs of cadet parades or drills, dates unknown
Pg 23- 1937 PMC commencement program; list of appointments to cadet corps made by Frank Hyatt, July 21, 1937
Pg 24- blank
Pg 25- newspaper clipping- biography of PMC grad George T. Cann
Pg 26- photograph of PMC commencement, date unknown
Pg 27- newspaper clippings about burial of textbooks by PMC class of 1938; Attorney General Cummings receives honorary degree; death of Dr. Melvin M. Franklin, colonel in World War I and former PMC cadet; notice by trustees and President of the opening of the Louis Allis Physics Laboratory, presented by PMC alum Louis Allis
Pg 28- letter from Col. George M. Studebaker to Robert Tumbelston about alumni dues, February 25, 1938
Pg 29- letter from J. Edgar Hoover (hand signed) to Robert Tumbelston, March 10, 1938
Pg 30- letter (perhaps from an alumni to fellow alumni?), May 20, 1938
Pg 31- letter from U.S. Attorney General accepting offer of honorary membership to PMC Alumni Association, June 15, 1938
Pg 32- letter from W.T. Cluverius, Rear Admiral, US Navy, Commandant, to Robert Tumbelston, June 15, 1938
Pg 33- letter from E.V. Rickenbacker to Robert Tumbelston, June 16, 1938
Pg 34- photograph of PMC football team, date unknown
Pg. 35- notices for PMC Alumni meetings, 1939; program from PMC Annual Athletic Banquet, 1939
Pg 36- photograph of two PMC polo players (Old Main in background), date unknown
Pg 37- PMC Magazine called G-2- Vol. 1, No. 2, November 3, 1939
Physical Condition
Very Fragile
Subject Access
Alumni - Scrapbooks
Office of the President - President Charles Hyatt Papers
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