Date Range
1925 - 1933
Pennsylvania Military College
Box 335.1
Date Range
1925 - 1933
Pennsylvania Military College
Box 335.1
Scope and Content
Boxes 335, 335.1 and 335.2 contain three scrapbooks. The following are descriptions of each scrapbook. Scrapbook 1 is in Box 335, Scrapbook 2 is in Box 335.1 and Scrapbook 3 is in Box 335.2. Author: Alumni Association Date Scrapbook 1: 1931-1939 Date Scrapbook 2: 1925-1933 Date Scrapbook 3: 1895-1924 Condition:
Binding- both attached and loose pages
Paper- intact with frayed edges
Materials- mostly attached, a few are loose Size of Scrapbooks 1, 2, and 3: 18 inches x 12 inches Number of Pages Scrapbook 1: 37 Number of Pages Scrapbook 2: 54 Number of Pages Scrapbook 3: 42 Contents Scrapbook 2:
Pg 1- schedule of commencement activities and letter sent by John W. Loveland, class of 1887 and president of the PMC Alumni Association, to alumni, May 1, 1925
Pg 2- letter from Mr. I.J. Brodsky, class of 1916, to Mr. H.A. Poth concerning Alumni Association membership, April 15, 1926
Pg 3- booklet entitled “The Tomorrow of PMC- A Retrospect of Service and a Program of Immediate Development”, about the need for a new stadium
Pg 4- letter from Frank Hyatt to alumni about membership in PMC Polo Club
Pg 5- letter and schedule of events sent to alumni by John Loveland, May 1, 1926; menu from PMC Military Day, June 15, 1926
Pg 6- letter from Alumni Association president John Loveland announcing his retirement, May 10, 1927; PMC Polo Club book
Pg 7- address given by John Loveland at Necrology Ceremony at PMC, June 15, 1927
Pg 8- invitation to alumni to attend luncheon held with new Alumni Association president George Cann in Philadelphia, September 15, 1927
Pg 9- menu from Annual Banquet and Business Assembly of the PMC Alumni Association at the Alumni Lodge, June 14, 1927
Pg 10- invitation to alumni to attend commencement festivities, May 15, 1928
Pg 11- menu from Annual Banquet and Business Assembly of the PMC Alumni Association, June 19, 1929; letter from Robert Tumbelston about 1928 commencement festivities
Pg 12- rough draft of May 15, 1928 letter
Pg 13- address to the board of Trustees on presentation of Richard E. Byrd for honorary doctor of Aeronautical Science degree by PMC on June 20, 1928
Pg 14- address by John Loveland to Commander Richard Byrd, at the presentation of the Corps flag to be dropped by him at the South Pole, June 20, 1928
Pg 15- letter to Robert Tumbelston from H.A. Poth, April 24, 1929
Pg 16- photo at PMC commencement, date and men unknown
Pg 17- letter from George Cann and Robert Tumbelston to alumni concerning commencement, May 6, 1929; invitation from John Loveland to Richard Byrd to annual PMC Alumni Association Banquet, and response, June 1929; Alumni Program for the Season of 1929, June 17
Pg 18- program for the Annual Banquet and Business Assembly of the PMC Alumni Association, June 18, 1929; handwritten letter to Robert Tumbelston
Pg 19- newspaper clippings about the death of General Charles E. Hyatt, PMC President, April 9-10, 1930
Pg 20- blank
Pg 21- newspaper clippings about the death of Charles E. Hyatt
Pg 22- blank
Pg 23- newspaper clippings about Charles Hyatt’s funeral, April 11-12, 1930
Pg 24- newspaper clipping about death of Charles Hyatt, April 8, 1930
Pg 25- newspaper clippings about Charles Hyatt’s funeral
Pg 26- newspaper clippings about stadium fire at 1930 commencement, June 19, 1930; Clarence Myer, PMC class of 1909, receives honorary Doctor of Science at 1930 ceremony, June 7, 1930
Pg 27- honorary degrees at 1930 commencement given to Clarence Myer, Congressman Nicholas Longworth, and Secretary of War Patrick Hurley
Pg 28- letter from U.S. Secretary of State to Clarence Myer, May 4, 1930
Pg 29- Letter to Clarence Myer, May 6, 1931
Pg 30- letter from U.S. Army Major General H.E. Ely to Clarence Myer, May 25, 1931
Pg 31- program from 1930 PMC commencement; newspaper clippings about 1931 honorary degree recipients; Secretary of State Stimson delivers address by radio from Washington D.C.
Pg 32- newspaper clippings- Stimson accepts honorary degree by radio
Pg 33- newspaper photo of 1931 graduating class
Pg 34- newspaper photos from 1931 commencement
Pg 35- newspaper photos from 1931 commencement and honorary degree recipients, including Cecil B. DeMille
Pg 36- PMC commencement programs from 1930 and 1931; program for Alumni Day, June 8, 1931; program from PMC Alumni Association Annual Dinner and Business Assembly, June 17, 1930; newspaper photo from Charles Hyatt memorial service
Pg 37- letter from Robert Tumbelston to alumni about death of PMC Alumni Association President Harry A. Poth, November 16, 1931
Pg 38- newspaper clippings about death of PMC grad Harry Augustus Poth; death of William MacPherson Roach; death of PMC grad Andrew Strangler Webber; honorary degree recipients of 1932 commencement include Secretary of the Navy Charles Francis Adams; program for 1932 commencement
Pg 39- photo- unknown men and date (a sit down strike?)
Pg 40- newspaper photos of PMC polo players, Military Day; Pennsylvania Military Preparatory School graduation program, June 6, 1932
Pg 41- newspaper photo of 1933 honorary degree recipients; PMC Alumni Association lifetime membership cards
Pg 42- newspaper photo- American Society of Civil Engineers (including Clarence Myer) inspect Chester public works, May 19, 1933
Pg 43- newspaper clipping- Col. Frank Hyatt presents degrees to 17 graduating from PMC Prep, June 5, 1933
Pg 44- newspaper clippings and photo about 1933 PMC Prep graduation
Pg 45- newspaper photo of cadet Captain James E. Cook receiving the Oliver Medal for highest record in range pistol practice, June 6, 1933
Pg 46- newspaper photo of presentation of saber and sash to Cadet Vincent Carels, president of the class of 1934, June 7, 1933
Pg 47- newspaper photo of commencement parade, June 7, 1933
Pg 48- newspaper clippings- honorary degrees given to Secretary of War George Dern, U.S. Senator David A. Reed at 1933 commencement; program for commencement, June 6, 1933
Pg 49- newspaper clipping about PMC being denied appropriations from state of Pennsylvania; letter from Frank Hyatt to Robert Tumbelston concerning decision to turn PMC from privately owned institution (held by the Hyatt family) to public institution, May 8, 1934
Pg 50- letter to Alumni Association from New Student Campaign Committee, August 0, 1933; newspaper photo of PMC polo players, March 1934
Pg 51- booklet entitled “Forward March” about PMC history, and its transfer to public control under the Hyatt Foundation
Pg 52- menu, possibly from 1933 PMC Athletic Banquet; newspaper clippings about transfer of PMC from private to public ownership; Lt. Carl A. Schaubel, class of 1930, appointed adjutant of PMC
Pg 53- 1934 commencement program
Pg 54- 1934 PMC Prep School graduation program; PMC commencement program, June 12, 1934; newspaper clipping- PMC football almost upsets Army
Pg 55- letter from Frank Hyatt to alumni announcing transfer of PMC to public ownership, May 8, 1934
Physical Condition
Very Fragile
Subject Access
Alumni - Scrapbooks
Office of the President - President Charles Hyatt Papers
Less detail